Message from the Organising Committee

About the festival
Since its establishment in 1962, the Lefkas International Folklore Festival has promoted the message of peace, friendship and brotherhood among nations worldwide through its cultural and traditional folk forms in the art of music and dance.
In the festival folk dance groups from the five continents reinforce, through their performances, the message of friendship, communication and cooperation.
More than 600 groups have represented the folklore of almost 150 countries at the festival until today. The festival takes place during the third week of August, from one Sunday to the other, commencing with the great parade of peace and friendship, the evening’s ceremony marking the opening night (on that first Sunday night) with a very short appearance by all dance groups. During the week we have their full appearances and performances by each group and finally reaching the peak on the second Sunday with the majestic ending ceremony to include the exchange of gifts and the final dance of peace on stage by all groups.
The participation of the folk groups in the Lefkas International Folklore Festival is the opportunity for thousands native and foreign visitors of the island to get acquainted with, to appreciate and enjoy the folk art and cultural heritage of other countries.
The host of the festival is Mr Alexis Kostalas, famous TV presenter.
– Groups are allowed to set up souvenir shops at the Open Theater.
– The stage is around 180sqm (18X10 m) and the theater has 1.000 seats.
– There are dressing rooms for the dancers.
– The Theater is fully equipped and there is a light and sound engineer.