General info


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1. The group must comprise of no more than 30 participants including leaders,
musicians, drivers and escorts. The 30 people must include anyone associated with
the group attending the festival.
2. Dancers must be over 16 years of age.
3. The group must perform only traditional dances of the country represented.
4. It will perform on stage and street activities with various costumes and programs
(at least 3 different programs).
5. The group must be accompanied with live orchestra with traditional musical
instruments. Live music is required.
6. Performances
a .The group has to take part in the great parade of friendship of people on the first
Sunday at 18.00pm.
b. The group has to give 2 five minute short representative dance performances in
the opening and closing night (solos and songs are not allowed for the opening and
closing) .
c. Each groups must provide 2 couples who rehearse during the week for the closing
d. The orchestras of each group participate in the execution of the festival ‘s song
and rehearse during the week under the guidance of the festival music director.
e. The group has to appear 3 times of 20 – 30 min different programs (on different
days) during the one week duration of the festival in the city of Lefkas at the Open
Theater, and 3 appearances in other places of the island in shows of 30-50 minutes.
Groups need to prepare different program for every show.
8. The group has to exchange one gift with the Mayor in the closing ceremony
9. Arrival – Departure
The groups coming by bus must be in Lefkada on Saturday before the festival.

The groups coming by air either on Friday or Saturday before the festival. The group
will stay in Lefkada from the day of its arrival until Monday after breakfast.
10. Transportation
If the group is coming by air the Festival arranges and covers transportation by bus
to Lefkada with return to the airport (Athens or Thessaloniki International Airports).

11. Accommodation
The group will stay in specially arranged school buildings. There are 8-10 beds in
each room (males and females in separate rooms). Sheets and pillows are provided.
Towels are not provided.

12. Meals
The festival offers breakfast in the school canteen, lunch and dinner every day in
local restaurants with international and traditional cuisine.

13. Language
The language of the Festival is English and Greek. Each group will be provided with
an interpreter and 2 guides.

Lefkas International Folklore Festival

14. Health Coverage
The Festival offers first aid and normal medical care. Consequently it is strongly
suggested that health insurance coverage be arranged for all group members before
travelling to the Festival.

15.Festival rights
1.The Festival reserves the right to broadcast the festival performances partly or
entirely without any payments to the group
2.The Festival may change the contents and programs, and the groups will be
informed on time!

For any questions please contact the festival office:
Mrs Ioanna Filippa
1 Sikelianou str Lefkada 31100
tel +30 26450 26635
fax +30 26450 26715


1st Sunday
Time 11.00
Welcoming reception at the Hall of the Cultural Center.
All group leaders with one couple dressed in traditional costume
Time 14.00
Time 18.00
Street parade
Time 21.00
Opening ceremony
Groups are expected to perform one magnificent dance (solos and songs are not allowed).

Monday – Saturday
During the day the groups are free.
Breakfast is served in local cafés from 8.00 until 11.00.
A snack is distributed at around 14.00.
Dinner is served from 18.30-20.00 every day in local restaurants.
After dinner groups perform at the Open Theater or other places of the island .
Within the week of the festival groups have one day-off with no performance at all.
Last Sunday
All groups gather at the Open Theater at around 20.30 for the Closing ceremony.


During the day the members of the participating groups are free because the performances are scheduled for late in the afternoon. The island offers numerous free time activities. The cost is very small (it is not covered by the Festival).

Activities for group members:

– Wander around the town

– Shopping

– Sightseeing (museums, art gallery)

– Cycling (rent a bike)

– Explore mountainous Lefkada by bus (catch local buses)

– Night life


Before an invitation is issued, the Festival Committee must review as much of the following information about your group as you are able to provide:
-group biography
-a listing of festivals in which your group has participated – – photographs,
– brochures,
– DVDs or videos,
– CDs,
– newspaper or magazine articles about your group,
– letters of reference and any other information about your group that you have.
– If your group has a website or YouTube channel, please provide the site address so that we may review that also.
After your material is received, the Festival Committee will review them and make a decision as to whether your group will be issued an invitation to participate in Lefkas International Folklore Festival.


For information and any questions you may have please contact:

Ioanna Filippa

Festival Director

Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Lefkada
1st Aggelou Sikelianou & Nikou Svoronou str, 31100 Lefkada
Tel.: 26450 26635, 26450 26711, Fax: 26450 26715
Facebook: Lefkas International Folklore Festival